Your soulmate popped the question! You’ve said “YES” to the sparkler and you’re  headed to one of the most beautiful countries in the world to tie the knot! Your wedding in Cyprus is going to be the biggest party you’ve ever thrown, and the whole process involves exploring many new territories. Below we’ve created a list of quick tips to help you ease into Cyprus wedding planning, navigate through your wedding’s essentials and avoid getting overwhelmed.


Location and weddings go together like a wink and a smile! While both will fill you with anticipation, it is essential to know that the best of them, both ceremony and reception wise are mostly booked two years in advance if you’re aiming to have your wedding on a Saturday! 

Why do I need to early-book my wedding venue in Cyprus? 

Most couples getting wed on the island have their hearts set on an alfresco wedding. Be it at a lovely winery amidst lush vineyards, at a mountain retreat or a beach resort. These venues are sparce and at a premium in Cyprus, hence extremely popular for Saturdays. If however your destination wedding is open to other days of the week and you have guests arriving from abroad, then most venues are going to oblige with an opening. 

How about booking my church? 

Do note that Orthodox weddings cannot take place on certain days of the week or periods of the year. Civil weddings can take place throughout the year at the venue and location of your choice. A helpful wedding ceremony tip: Check your legal – church papers before booking any of the above, to ensure that the actual wedding ceremony can actually take place there on your preferred dates. 


Choices in wedding photography and videography are of course subject to your personal style and wedding vision.  You will happily find that Cyprus has a plethora of artists who showcase fine art photography, and carry a photojournalistic approach to wedding imagery, and favor clean images that capture real emotions, candid moments and artful details. The same rule applies as with venues. Saturday weddings will probably require a 1.5-2 years booking in advance. 


You DO want your guests to have the time of their lives at your wedding! And while weddings in Cyprus are often glamorous and filled with perfect surprises for family and friends, accommodation is something brides from abroad tend to overlook. Cyprus is a tremendously popular holiday and wedding destination.  Hotels are almost overbooked during the summer months, and do not accept room blockage. It is best for you to plan ahead for your guests’ accommodation especially if they are traveling from abroad. A wedding planner will assist you to navigate through every step as planners have access to hotel contracts and tourist agents. 

Why do I need to book accommodation for my wedding guests at the same time? 

If your venue is out of town you will have all your guests residing in 2-3 different hotels which will help you significantly with their transportation to and from the wedding venue. 

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