SERVICES | Splendid Events

Organic, artful, bespoke, our wedding planning and event styling services are available anywhere in Cyprus, Europe, or even the world beyond. As your beautiful story evolves our loving and practiced fine-art masters and design creatives will bring your tailored wedding style to life.

Drawing insight from our consultations with you, we guide, compose and install to the finest flourish. As your event designer, we instill your wedding with peerless personality, notable materials, colors, and tones, to evoke all the panache of a pristine celebration in every single aesthetic touch.

Your wedding vision -regardless of volume- is the heart of our productions. We are not just a luxury wedding planning service, but also a boutique decoration agency with the rarest inventory components to turn your wedding into an iconic cultivated event. You only need to ask and we will mold our services to your wishes, therefore we’re confident you will find us… Splendid.


Wedding Planning

With more than ten years of planning experience we will care for every logistical detail of your wedding. We’ll support you and advocate for you as we guide the entire planning process and then oversee the wedding day from set up to tear down.

Floral & Event Design

We do our flowers in-house! Our personal style is loose, organic and romantic and we source flowers from around the world. We go beyond arranging pretty flowers and consider every visual component of your wedding from lightning to furniture to stationery. We will help you define your vision and then bring your personal style to life with our creative direction.

Event Planner based in Cyprus